Isle of Wight 2011 - Natwest Island Games XIV

Medal Table

Guernsey 404225
Isle of Man 262220
Jersey 233030
Faroe Islands 202015
Isle of Wight 171521
Åland 14713
Gotland 91221
Menorca 8812
Cayman Islands 878
Shetland Islands 744

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Rhodes 2 (1) V 1 (0) Greenland
  Full Time
Brading Town Football Club
Sunday 26th June 2011 15:00
Goal   Panagiotis Mathios   30
Goal   Panagiotis Pompou   55
Substituted On   Pantelis Athanasiou   66
Substituted Off   Antonios Georgalis   66
Substituted Off   Panormitis Karpathakis   76
Substituted On   Antonios Theodosiou   76
Substituted On   Manolis Evgenikos   83
Substituted Off   Georgios Skorpos   83
Yellow Card   Dimitris Dimitropoulos   88
Sent Off   Lukas Necas   95
Sent Off   Eleytherios Skylas   96
Substituted On   Lars Niels Berthelsen   46
Substituted Off   Anders H. Petersen   46
Yellow Card   Mikael Davidsen   51
Substituted Off   Klaus Egede   73
Substituted On   Nisinguak Lundblad Geisler   73
Substituted On   Thomas Abelsen   83
Substituted Off   Aputsiaq Birch   83
Goal   Pavia Mølgaard   86
Gary Sutton Stuart Gurney
Gary Hughes Ben Cobb
Starting Teams:
Dimitris Dimitropoulos
Antonios Georgalis
Panormitis Karpathakis
Panagiotis Mathios
Lukas Necas
Tilemachos Pattas
Panagiotis Pompou
Shalis Siech
Georgios Skorpos
Eleytherios Skylas
Charalambos Tagaef
Aputsiaq Birch
Steve Broberg
Mikael Davidsen
Klaus Egede
John Rasmus Eldevig
John Kreutzmann
Maasi Maqe
Pavia Mølgaard
Jamma Jim Degn Olsvig
Anders H. Petersen
Nukannguaq Zeeb
Pantelis Athanasiou
Emmanouil Charitos
Manolis Evgenikos
Christakis Kitsos
Nikos Nikolos
Antonios Theodosiou
Thomas Abelsen
Lars Niels Berthelsen
John-Ludvig Broberg
Nisinguak Lundblad Geisler
Markus Jensen
Aqissiaq Ludvigsen
Norsaq Lund Mathæussen